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Artist in residence: Sophie Ruigrok

Meet the new artist-in-residence at MAR!  

Sophie Ruigrok is a London-based artist and art critic, whose writing has been published in Frieze, Apollo, Elephant, and Dazed. Her paintings and drawings often explore the dynamics between humans and nature through surrealism and symbolism. Her imagery is devised from a large archive of the source material, including screenshots of YouTube videos, scenes from art history, photos of her friends, Tarot cards, Miranda July’s disconcerting short stories, observational drawings, strangers’ holiday photos found in junk shops, and dreams. By merging these disparate elements when devising a composition, she seeks to comment on the cyclical and illusory nature of time, as well as the collective unconscious.  

We were pleased to host @sophie.ruigrok at Montemero Art Residency. To see how she transformed this land into her surrealistic imagery, check out some of her works completed during the residency below.  

If you're interested in her writings you can find them on @frieze and @dazed. Direct links can be found on her website: 


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