Know your soap - make your own

The skin is our largest organ. It protects us from weather and other external influences. Many soaps and liquid soaps contain the chemical triclosan. Triclosan is suspected to promote liver and breast cancer. Also, polycyclic musks are often used. These are synthetic fragrances that simply appear on the package as "Fragance" or "Perfume". Polycyclic musk compounds accumulate in the fatty tissue and are even detectable in breast milk. Animal studies revealed evidence of liver damage. In addition, they are suspected of having nerve damage. And of course - microplastic. The tiny plastic particles enter the environment via wastewater and cause unpredictable damage. So - a lot of good reasons for D-I-Y soap! We love our body, our skin, our enviroment. Home made soap has health benefits, does more than just clean, improves chronic skin conditions, saves money and smells however you like it. If you want a certain holiday scent, then you can create your own blend of essential oils to give you whatever scent you want. If you want to get rid of smell - use coffee as peeling before! Here is our favorite recipe for aloe vera soap: Aloe Vera Soap

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