29 May 2019

Getting ready for world ocean day with super supportive friends!


5 Apr 2019

Our hives are out and ready for this keystone specie to make us their home!

17 Feb 2019

We have visitors from Germany - some members of the SaveNatureGroup spend their winter and realize together with the Montemero e.V. new projects on the Mediterranean.

As a welcome we made a trip last Sunday with the here based recyclema...

10 Feb 2019

At least 45% of fruit and vegetables produced globally go to waste. Montemero works to prevent the total loss of valuable resources by using overripe produce to feed our animals and bio-composter. we want to give a huge thanks to our loc...

28 Dec 2018

happy hearts and a full (vegan!) bellies this holiday season❤️ we are thankful to share this holiday giving handmade and secondhand presents. this keeps less waste out of land fills and therefore our environment, allowing nature to truly...

6 Dec 2018

Cultured vegetables like pickles are made via a process of food preservation through fermentation, and are made with either brine or vinegar. In addition to keeping foods from spoiling, fermentation also produces probiotic bacteria as a...

4 Nov 2018

Beach cleanup spent with locals and nomads from around the world. All generations working side by side to restore clean waters, defend nature and conserve the beauty of our oceans. Thanks to the local town hall for all the support and ai...

26 Oct 2018

Fuel cell converts fuel into power by oxidizing fuel via electrochemical conversion. A typical gas generator inefficiently burns fuel to rotate an engine and directly coupled alternator. Fuel cells provide usable electrical and heat ener...

15 Sep 2018

The skin is our largest organ. It protects us from weather and other external influences. Many soaps and liquid soaps contain the chemical triclosan.
Triclosan is suspected to promote liver and breast cancer. Also, polycyclic musks are o...

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5 Apr 2019

28 Dec 2018

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