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Look for the first town in Andalucia directly after the border of Murcia and you'll find San Juan de los Terreros, home of the Montemero Lab Collective. A pale green dot in the middle of this arid desert climate.

The local area has maintained a worthy reputation for extraordinary hiking, biking and climbing in the nearby mountains, and is home to a number of caves worth exploring, one of which is here in Finca Montemero.  A five minute walk away from Montemero will bring you to the Mediterranean coastline, where snorkeling, diving, paddle boarding and other beach activities

 await.   The unique site of Montemero is positioned bewtween 2 national parks- to the north, Cabo Cope and Puntas de Calnegre Regional Park and to the south, Natural Park Cabo de Gata- Nijar.


Driving 30 minute north along the coastline will lead you to Cabo Cope and Puntas de Calnegre Regional Park, one of the few places left in the Spanish Levante wild and undeveloped. This area is a natural space of great geological interest, where the arid climate and Mediterranean vegetation contrast in a landscape of small beaches, cliffs, salt marshes, boulevards, fossil dunes and underwater meadows. The 17 kilometre stretch has recently become a welcome home to nesting loggerhead sea turtles due to the rise in sand temperatures occurring since 2010.


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