Artist in Residence: Ada Zielińska

Ada Zielińska is a visual artist from Warsaw working with photography and installations. Her works tackle catastrophe and material disintegration, which also serves a purpose as self-therapy- an attempt to control what is inevitably going to an end.⁣


Her fascination towards destruction can be seen in series like "Automotive Stills" where she stages car crashes or "My dad was a firefighter" that captures moments of disintegration by fire. Her latest project revolves around the concept of post-tourism, which encompasses documenting catastrophic events and collecting local artifacts from sites, such as Australian bushfires, Notre Dame fire, or the flooding of Venice. ⁣


@adsoadsoadso will be participating in Montemero Art Residency within the context of developing her post-tourism series. Andalusia, one of the highly visited regions of Spain, is not only a beautiful place but it's also home to flash floods, severe drought, ecological off-balance due to invasive species, and issues relating to plastic pollution.⁣

**MAR is a collaboration project between @iksvyart and @finca.montemero.**

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