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Our Guppyfriend

Guardian News calls it the "the biggest environmental problem you’ve never heard of. A study from the University of California revealed that a city the size of Berlin releases wash-related microfibers equivalent to 500.000 plastic bags – every single day! Microplastic particles are found in more than 600 fish species – including plankton, a keystone species of marine ecosystems. The tiny plastic pieces have been located in the ice of the arctic and the remotest parts of the deep sea. They even reside in our food- honey, water, salt, beer- and as a result circulate throughout our bodies. These studies give overwhelming indication that we not only harm nature, but also threaten our health. By washing clothes in the Guppyfriend you can reduce the amount of microfibers that would otherwise end up in rivers, oceans, other sea dwellers and ourselves. ---Link provided below---

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